The Early Days

“!(big) 490×124 (The Early Days)!”:

Another interesting movie, this time on university life in Karachi from Khurram Suhrwardy.

bq. It depicts the university going years, which most of us can relate to, yet different in its own way. It consequently ends up being an adventurous romantic drama, with a tinge of comedy. It is a story about friendship, love, and most importantly ambition.

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8 thoughts on “The Early Days”

  1. I’m a graduate frm CBM and hav known Khurram as he was ma senior. I would like to comment tht althouh he and his company Aurel Visuals hav done well… this film doesn’t depicts the whole scenario. I dunnoo why they always go for CBM as the location coz i’m just tired of seeing repeated video’s of the college too much… Also the acting lacks the charisma that it had in their earlier projects… As for Sumair, what can i say…. the guy should be at Indus or NCA rather than at CBM…. total fluke… The main theme though is really nice and well thouhgt out…. 2.5/5 stars

  2. I watched the film yesterday and it was mind blowing. It was a really well made film after a long time. Everything about the movie was superb, from the performances to the direction to story, everything. And it had a very strong moral message at the end too.

    I hope they make more movies like this.

  3. I’m surprised to find so many positive comments about this film or whatever the hell it was. It screams unprofessionalism throught! It seems like some immature kids got together a and wrote a patchy story that seems to go no where for 80% of the duration and then ends very abruptly. I hated the irrelevant and irritating special effects strewn throughout the movie….plus, the guy looked like he is 30 or something…he’s still in college?

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