The culture that is PIA

Midair, the flight hit some serious turbulence that panicked my wife and children. When she asked one of the male stewards how long the turbulence was expected to last, she was answered in a low tone ‘Not to worry… I’ll hold your hand throughout the journey if you like’.

From the comments on an article complaining once again about the Pakistan national airline wasting money.

The economics of overtime work a bit differently in PIA from the rest of the world:

I took a flight from Manchester, UK to Islamabad on 24th of Dec 2010. Flight arrived late by over 4 hours at Manchester. We boarded the plane at around 10.00pm the doors were locked and we had to sit in the plane for another four hours. It got so late that the passengers were given dinner on the tarmac before the plane flew. The return flight was on the 9th of Jan.from Islamabad. We boarded the plane on time but had to sit on the plane for another 5 hours before we took off. I informed the crew that I have a connecting flight from Manchester and by being late I will not be able to make the connection and as the connecting flight is the last flight out of Manchester it will cause me serious difficulties. The crew payed no heed to my request. Guess why were the delays? The PIA crew was going slow and also from pilot to air stewards were all after extra hours i.e.overtime.

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