Zulfiqar Mirza on the MQM

Was he drunk? Is he a non-closest bigoted raciast? Does he suffer from delusions of grandeur? Has the PPP lost even the little control it had over it’s many stooges, most of whom suffer from delusions of not being stooges in the first place? Is Zulfiqar Mirza a lion to Zardari’s whimpering poodle hiding in a corner behind five rows of containers and concrete barriers, as well as about ten percent of Pakistan’s security forces?

I think the answers to all the above questions is yes.

What is clear is that the gentlemen in the video above has upstaged Rehman Malik, the gentlemen who searches for terrorists and miscreants using google maps on his ipad while calling them “characters from star wars”, all without a internet connection on his ipad or even an app to connect the many security camera’s around Karachi.


1 thought on “Zulfiqar Mirza on the MQM”

  1. There were peoples like you, Mr khalid Umar,who shouted at Jinnah;” Hath wich Beri Monh wich paan- Bund wich lele pakistan. ” You are a characterless person,with some genetic misfortune,who knows the art of throwing mud on others,as if you are offspring of an angel. Dogs bray the moon,due to some fear. Men Love Asif Ali Zardari &ppp.

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