Ritalin for America

America has Attention Deficit Disorder. “Pinball Attention Span” sums things up very well indeed. Maureen Dowd applies the ADD quiz to Bush and his foreign policy team. ( Though team might be a misnomer. ) bq.. Reading over the questions, I realized America has A.A.D.D. The country has always had a pinball attention span, even … Read moreRitalin for America

Americas Dying

America’s Dying A good commentary/analysis on American society. Read and Comprehend. Bush Wars Yet another blog on Bush, American politics and the Empire. Daily notes and links on the adventures of the Bushmen of the Beltway. Read his entry: What if there’s no such thing as al-Queda? Amnesty US ‘War on Terror’ Has Made World … Read moreAmericas Dying