Sunset at Sapat

!(big) 490×368 (Sunset at Sapat Beach)!

Sunset over Sapat, a few miles off the “coastal highway”:

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  1. Hi everyone,

    well, now it is over a year since my last post, i still miss Karachi the same or perhaps more. Last time I said that someone reminded me of the mosquitoes and the loadshedding etc. I understand their reactions, there ARE a lot of problems with Karachi, it is certainly not the ‘most livable’ city of the world (by some standards at least). Yet, for me it is special.. (and am not ashamed of my personal feelings about my home city). I lived here and survived, the education I received here enabled me to get admitted to one of the best universities in the US. The friends I made here helped me thru difficult times in my life. The perspectives I developed here on life made me more tolerant and humble.

    As your photo shows Karachi is beautiful. It has been and is important historically, strategically, culturally and economically for Pakistan and the world. Lets start thinking about how we, who owe so much to this city can do something to lessen the severity of the problems facing this city , rather than pointing to its obvious shortcomings or maybe just keep quite.

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